Don't fear the Spookymen: a poem

Evil inter-dimensional entities are never fun...but they are interesting.

Dark things with beauty, drinking moonlight
Unearthly and silent, but possessing a voice
they know our souls so very well
but for this we should not rejoice

The deepest sapphire, glowing softly, among the water and trees
These creatures feed on fearful creed, but I know not how they see.

Running away won't do a thing
they hear our heart as is beats and sings
Our deepest nightmares will come alive
for this these monsters strive
On this they always thrive

Children tell about them here
but no one listens close
or considers that they may be real
as the legend grows.

Bloodbaths that aren't real at all
will appear before our eyes
And the fear will never end
for one who doesn't try
to see that this is an illusion
of the dark and twisted kind
Our inner fright and memories
they will diligently find.

Yet even in the face of evil
Do not despair, my dear friend...
But if you can,
see past the plan
of the wretched Spookyman.

Taken to a realm of fright
where all is possible, nothing seems real
trapped in the midst of a feeding frenzy
on merely what you feel.
would it be wise to give them what they really, truly want?
And let them fool you with visual lies, and deep and primal taunts?
Spookymen, Spookymen, what do you want from us?
Fear is what they crave...but don't give it, you must
attempt to resist the call of what is low and vile and cold
of what creeps in the night, in ways both new and old

So do not believe what they tell you
that you should be afraid
for it will make you sink
when instead you could wade

These things that drink from moonlight
and from something more profound
do not play their little games
just try and stand your ground

This is gonna end
I don't know how or why or when

But remember this above all else

Don't fear the Spookymen.

The End

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