Don't Cry

The world is full of tears.

It’s raining.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but stand in the alley, and I turn my face to the sky, and accept what the world is feeling, because the world has feelings too, you know?


Don’t cry world, don’t cry…

I want you to be happy and warm and beautiful.

I close my eyes, and I can feel the world’s pain, it’s my pain too, and I feel cold inside


My hair is drenched,

My clothes are soaked,

I need a jacket or a sweater


But I don’t care, because all I feel is the world, and all the other people who feel the world’s pain as much as I do…

My face is wet from all the rain (or are they tears?), and I think someone walks past me, but I’m too gone for it to register in my head fully.

Don’t cry, little girl who just lost her first pet, don’t cry

Don’t cry, young widow who just found out her husband died at war, don’t cry

Don’t cry, teenager whose whole life changed in an instant when the drunk driver crashed into his car, don't cry

Don’t cry, girl who feels like she’s alone in this world and no one is ever there for her, don’t cry

Don't cry, mother who never realised that her child was being hurt right under her nose until it was too late, don't cry


Don’t cry world, don’t cry.

The End

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