don't be scared, we'll figure this out


and she protests,

but i still smile fondly

because you made me feel

like i was worth something,

like i was the most valuable thing in the whole wide world.

and this made me so happy,

so freaking happy,

that someone looked at me and saw something worth saving.

because this is love,

and what they preach is hate.

and i know that you're scared,

but did you ever stop and think

that maybe it might be worth it?

that you should show no fear

at another person's hate,

just enjoy the love

that you have.

and i am with you,


even if you break my heart,

i'll still be by your side.

because you, my dear,

are worth everything

and despite what they say,

this is rightbecause it's love,

no matter the genders.

i love you.

and i'm pretty sure you love me.

don't be afraid to be anyone you want to.

i hope that they don't scare you

into changing who you are.

but i want you to know that i'll still be there.

The End

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