I don't come here anymore.

I don't sit where you used to play

and hope you'll pass today.

I don't lean my head upon cool metal doors

hoping I'll hear your hand on the handle

turning into my world.

I don't cope with the hope of you appearing

with your sweet smile, your silver earring

I don't pretend you're not the reason I no longer sing

my lungs drowning with your melodies

a thousand shining memories

I'll never think about.

I don't think about kissing you.

I don't think about the way you sighed before we said goodbye.

I don't think about how we talked every night on the phone

just to feel we weren't alone

we were such fools.

I don't come here anymore.

I don't remember the way it felt

to have your body pressed against me

I don't feel your heart's beating in rhythm with mine

thudding seconds we ran out of time.

I don't go searching for your face amongst the traffic

as I'm sprinting through the rain.

I don't call your home

but hang up before you can say my name.

I don't come here anymore.

I don't plaster my body upon this floor

once so full of love

now collects dust.

I don't lie silently and watch the stars

and wish you could be next to me.

I don't wonder where you are.

I don't hold on to the idea

we could have been so beautiful

if I wasn't so crazy, and you weren't so pretty.

I simply melt with the truth

seeping through my soul.

I don't come here anymore.

I don't speak, I don't implore.

I don't write poetry about you and me.

I don't try to make myself a victim or a hero.

It's enough to be.

It's all I can be.

Breathing never seemed so painfully easy.

I don't believe I'll ever find somebody

like you again

but then, I don't go looking.

I just sit here in my cell,

searching for the sunlight

I know I'll never find

it's captured in your eyes.

I don't know you'll come around,

and when you do, I won't be found.

I let you go

and you don't know

how much I love you.

I love you so.

The End

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