Now I'm done with guys
They don't care
Too many pregnancy scares
It just ain't worth it
The stress
The pain

I'm leaving soon
A fresh start
The youngest there
Sixteen years old - the only one
Amist the nineteen year olds
Unable to drink
Will I be an outcast

More experience than most
I've been used
I've been abused
My mental age is to high
My physical too low
Age is only a number
Pain is real

Will I be accepted
I'm not pure
I'm not innocent
I'm not the little girl I seem
The red hair and blue nails provide a clue
To the pain inside
Eating away

Hidden in a fairytale
What if they can't simpathise
Will I be alone
Cast out
It wasn't my fault
My past is my own

Should I hide it away
Lock up my secrets
Never reveal who I am
Let them believe I'm just a kid
Smoking out my window to feel the rush
Slicing my skin to see the blood
Drinking to feel numb

The End

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