He just wants my body
Do you even want that?
You say you want to get to know me
Phone conversations that last three hours
Yet when I suggest we meet up
You are always busy

We like the same music
We have the same favourite colours
I love when you play guitar
I love it when you sing
Especially when it's just for me
He doesn't sing anymore, not like you do

So, do you want me or is it just a game?
It's not nice to play with me this way
You both think I'm just a toy
Well ever heard of Chuckie
You hurt me
Now it's your turn
I'm going to get my revenge

I was just a girl
He was just a boy
It was simple
Then you came
And he stopped caring
I made him pay cause he hurt me
But I was never true to him
I only wanted you

Now that I know I can have you though
You have lost your appeal
Sure you are still muscular
And have many attractive qualities
But I think I just want to be free

Why is it men always let me down?
They promise to care for me
Make me feel comforted
I start to trust them
Then they let me down
Hurt me
Make me feel battered and crushed

The End

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