Done Being GoodMature

i just needed to let it out
feel free to express yourself by adding a chapter

I sit and stare at the clock
tears stream down my face
why doesn't he call?
why doesn't he care?
even if he did does that mean anything?

it hurts inside
i find my razor- tripple blade
it wont cure the pain but it will mask it for a while
i find a thick blue vein
i cut a line
droplets form at the seem
they join together as the blood flows

why do i do this?
does it help?
it doesn't make him love me
it doesn't make him care
i tried to be good
he didn't notice
i tried to be good
now i think i'll be bad
see if he cares

i showed him the pain
the cuts he made

I smoke
i drink
i cut myself
i starve myself
i don't sleep
i'm anyone's toy
i do anything to hurt this pathetic shell
why do these things make my head spin
they are like drugs to me
they mask my pain

he doesn't notice when i cant walk
the pain too much to handle
he doesn't notice when i cant breathe
lungs lined with tar
he doesn't notice when i faint
a body starved of love and care

i tried to be nice
i stopped hurting myself
no longer promisquice
going from guy to guy
in hope they'd care
but he didn't notice
so i'm done being good

if he wants a bitch, i'll give him a bitch

why doesn't he care?

The End

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