domino effects

on my rush out the door,

I knock over my bottled rainbows

of nail-polish, and they collapse in an array of colors,

a shimmering domino effect.

Amazing how such a simple movement

could make such a mess.

you wrote me today, my heart leapt,

I miss you more than I imagined.

Your wise words, the way your dark hair falls,

the way you toss your head back, freely, and laugh.

Our walks, up and down the streets,

salt stained winds, and the whispers of the beach ...

it's so sweet to know you haven't forgotten me.

Amazing how such a simple note,

could make my spirit glow.

I opened the purple notebook you gave me,

a present for graduating.

Silken pages aching for my pen,

yet, I hesitate, afraid to decimate this beauty

with my mindless musing.

But as I open it I find tucked inside

heart-shaped notes written in your elegant scrawl,

and my heart is warmed, despite the chill of fall.

And so I write, in my own mixed up print:

Amazing how such a simple gesture

can make a life so much better. 

The End

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