Dollar Bills

A New York bag-lady's take on William Wordsworth's famous poem.............


(A New York Bag-Lady's views on money)

By John Lingard

With apologies to “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth

I wandered alone past a seething crowd

That flocked from Bloomingdales over steaming grilles

When all at once I saw a cloud

Of fluttering greenback dollar bills

Between the stores

And under yellow cabs

Scudding through the sky and over sidewalk slabs

Carrying on to Central Park

Each onlooker circling like a great white shark

They joined the financial paper chase

As if it were a marathon race

Ten thousand people acting crazy

I left them to it, I guess I'm lazy

I watched the City breezes blow

The banknotes up, down, to and fro

The mob snatched money when they could

Smelling wealth and scenting blood

Their behavior really was perverse (“pervoyse”)

Money is truly mankind's curse (“coyse”)

Often on a bench I lie

In Central Park looking up at the sky

I can't own the stars above

But I can feel and I've known love

When you've no money, you're truly free

A homeless bag-lady just like me

(sneers) Chasing dollars is a waste of time

But, hey mister, could you spare a dime?

(c) John Lingard 2014

The End

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