The Flowers in the AtticMature

about one of my favorite series, The Flowers in the Attic by V.C Andrews. You may not get this unless you've read the books.

In the cloying attic dust, amidst the scents of rot and lust

The innocence begins to rust and mother's lies decay her trust. 


The Dresden Dolls grow porcelain pale, everything is dark beneath the veil

Of secrecy, religious lies, sunlight dimmed from their fair eyes.

The Dancing Doll is fire and passion, all revenge and no compassion;

The Doctor Doll tries to forgive while the Dead Doll attempts, in vain, to live,

And the Small Doll shrinks into a shell of darkness in her living hell. 


Poisoned by a diamond-dripping brute, the outside world's forbidden fruit

Of her biblical, locked-door Eden; tarred and whipped and called a heathen. 

Withered in a world of decadence and rape, the attic-flowers must escape. 

The End

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