Dog in the classroom

An amusing little poem

Math’s!  How boring, algebra, trigonometry,

When will we ever use this boloney?

I can just see it now; Directions? Here

A being here and X being there

P is confused, X is lost = Y

I think NOT! Oh help, save me!

Woof, woof! Chaos reigns - a dog!

A dog in the classroom, teacher in a

Nobody is listening or having a nap,

Goodbye algebra, goodbye trig,

Class goes crazy, books are abandoned.

Dog gets excited and pees on the floor,

Whoops and yells and shouts of glee,

Look at the doggie, he's having a wee!

Teacher looks angry, he's turning blue

The class have gone mad, what can he

If the dog = X and the kids = A

The teacher is B and just can't = Y

A dog in the classroom, how can that

You really don't think that the culprit
was me?

The End

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