Does the universe have ADD?

Poetic musings about the seemingly insane spawns of our universe...or our perception of it and our own persistant flaws.

For some reason I am wondering

If the universe has ADD

Its brilliance is astounding, we wouldn't be here if that wasn't so.

But look at the insanity, the winding, grinding vanity

that corrupts us in a chokehold of despair.

And look at all the horror-hungers, flesh-eating fungus, war mongers.

Yes there are puppies and humor and love.

But when we regard the skies above

We wonder, "what's going on up there?"

Did they take their medicine? Do they care?

Or are we cosmic playthings to a universe of distracted stars

Following its creations but forgetting their scars.

I'm sitting here in a mind fog of frenzied philosophy.

Awestruck by every miracle, every atrocity.

Comet tails, poison snails, nuclear war heads, banshee wails

So much input, overloading our scales

Will chaos part or does existence fail to agree?

Is there a truth from which we flee?

But since we swim in both beauty and strife

And have the chance to know what is good and right

Who are we to say the gods are mad tonight?

The End

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