Does the Sun love the Moon?

Moonlight filters through my broken blinds,

plastic torn and hanging in pieces.

The pale light falls across my face and i can see bits of the full moon through the half-closed slits of my eyelids. 

Its somewhere around three a.m,

and I've been lying here in silence watching the sun's lover travel across the sky,

and i've been thinking:

"Does the sun miss the moon?"

the sun warms the moon's surface, and fills it with its light,

and i wonder if the sun hates the moon for soaking in and reflecting that life giving 

light, and i just wanna know,

"does the moon really love the sun?"

can love still exist from so far away, 

can it exist if we never make contact and never feel the touch of each others fingertips,

how would the sun know if it loved the moon?

and are the tides the children of this love?

and the world as we know it the result of this love?

how would the sun know if it loves the moon?

and more importantly,

Does the Moon love the sun too?

The End

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