Does it make you feel good?Mature

Does it make you feel good

to be beautiful?

Does it make you smile

deep down inside?

Are you so insecure

that it makes it all right?

Or are you trapped, or don’t you know much different?


Does it make your heart sing

when the things your boyfriend likes

are the curves of your figure

or the length of your legs? Are you

solely happy

with the planes of his face?

Or do you sometimes long for something more?


Why can we be lovely

if all we need is sex?

What’s the point in feelings

if looks mean more than hearts?

How can we have value

if we don’t accept ourselves?

How can we live gladly

with their eyes on our form?


I want my lover soulful, I want

him to be kind; don’t want

him to desire me all

of the time.

I know that I’m youthful; I know

it’s Nature’s way

but I want to not have chosen him

for his physical shape.


When we say angels are ‘hot’

I think it’s human lust;

Perfection isn’t beauty:

it’s Deep, Enduring Love.

We shouldn’t call our newborns

‘adorable’ or ‘cute’ -

the beauty’s in the connection

and the product of two hearts.


When we’re old and wrinkled

what will matter most?

The men that we have fancied or

the lives that we have led?

Society and Nature may have  effects on me

but the truth is I don’t like it

and my looks are not my life.


Does it make you feel good

to be beautiful?

My answer to this question is

simply, frankly, “No”.

The End

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