Doctor, Doctor!

We have an emergency
And it's really a matter of urgency!
A girl came in late last night,
She had a feeling something wasn't right.
Doctor Doctor! This girl is suffering from a broken heart!
Something inside is tearing her apart.
But what do we do?
It's not like she has something like the flu.
To figure out what we need to do we have to co-operate.
Should we operate?
It may be her only chance.
Count backwards from ten and fall into your trance.

Doctor Doctor what do we do?
She losing blood fast and turning an awful hue.
This is a disaster,
Can't you go any faster?
Her heart is breaking at an alarming rate,
Before it was in two, now it's in eight.
"I can't do anymore to help" the Doctor said
Oh no, that girl is dead.
I swear I heard the sound of her last breath.
So who wants to be the one to tell the world of her death?

The End

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