do you think three makes a whole

and i remember aching sunsets, 
the tug in your heart because this is another day 

and days don't seem like a lot of time 
when you know you're on a ticking clock

tell me secrets 
tell me things i can hold under my tongue like blue pills 
like my sister's fluoxetine 

like the word prozac, 
pro-zac, two-syllable word 

like the curl in the pit of my stomach 
when i get my hair cut 
treebark locks to the ground 

my sister's depression 
has never been an easy thing. 

when she's upset, 
the world shakes 
and the rooms fall into blank silence 
like the empty space behind her eyes 
before she popped meds every morning 
like they're candy or some sht

the AQ takes an hour to get out of bed in the morning 
as i drown myself in paint stains and ink smears 

if happiness was injectable 
i'd get over my fear of needles

but my arms are the only place on my body that remain untouched. 

The End

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