For all the dumbf***s who ever called me ugly.

Virgo stood, mismatched from her symbol

Of a pretty girl, I faced into the looking-glass,

Naked body, words cut into my sides, withered by scars and

Framed by welts. Razor-blade-engravings, you never see this girl.


Necklaces, coarse cheap thread scratching my neck,

The only reason that I wear them.

Scissors, drag them along my chest, bleed through my AC/DC tee-shirt.

It doesn't really matter, I can't always feel the blade

The deeper you cut, the more you feel.


Virgo lay in the dark, sobbing, contemplating the end.

I kept record of every insult you threw at me, wrote them down

And trained myself to believe them.

Screaming, strangled by sobs, this girl you never see,

I wish she wasn't me.

The End

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