Game Rules

An open poetry game of many layers.
Tell your friends! Feel free to join!
(Full game rules on first page.)

Game Rules:

The first player begins by posting a poem that describes (by use of imagery, metaphor, or other literary device) a noun, without saying what it is.

Readers may then enter their guesses into the comment section below.
The author may reveal the subject of their poem in the comments at their discretion.

 A second player then chooses a word from the poem as inspiration, and the title of their poem, but describe something else. (For example, if your title is Yellow, your poem should NOT be about Yellow, but something else somehow connected. Like a dress, a rose, the feeling of happiness. Whatever.) The title should provide a clue, but not expose the subject. 

Readers again may post their guesses, and add their own poems.

Multiple players may add to the same poem. To eliminate confusion, please tell who your "parent poem" is at the beginning of the page.

Ready to have a go? My poem on the next page begins the game. Jump in!

The End

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