I Need You to Remember Me.

Your heart is the most stubborn of all organs- it's the elephant in the room. The one thing that refuses to forget, even when your mind does. xoxo

do you remember that night you held me while i cried?

you shouldered the heavy weight of my heart,

brushed my soul gently with a soft glowing love

that saved me from myself for just a short while.

do you remember that night?

when you silenced my tears with the secrets of your past?

you let me into your world as i laid mine bare;

what happened that night?

what happened to us afterwards?

do you even remember?

that night when you told me you would never leave me,

and i believed.

do you remember any of that?

oh, how i wish you remembered all the memories we made-

It would mean you sometimes think of me,

and it would ease my mind,

only slightly though.

I still think of that night daily, 

almost hourly even.

And even though my thoughts are free to wander

wherever they so choose,

they always wander right back to that night and you.

The End

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