Do You Know Me?

Just all those bits and pieces which really all mean one thing...

I'm the voice that whispers to you at night,
I'm the wind rustling through the trees in a storm.
I'm the cool water in a shower,
I'm the only thing that keeps you warm.

I'm the touch of fabric on your skin,
I'm that little white lie.
I'm those little things you'd never notice,
I'm the words that say 'Good-bye'.

I'm the lyrics to that song which you love so much,
I'm the strand of hair in your face.
I'm your hat that was lost to the wind one day,
I'm your frantic, steady pace.

I'm the word you can't pronounce,
I'm that piece of food you discarded.
I'm the movie which you never liked,
I'm the book you disregarded.

I'm your old painting from third grade,
I'm the secret you never heard.
I'm the picture of you and your old friend,
I'm the cat that never purred.

I'm the final word you say on the phone,
I'm your last regret.
I'm the thing that's called the Unknown, 
I'm the poem you will never forget.


The End

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