Do you know me

Self Appreciation- Took a stanza from this (though its written as a block) and tattooed it on my shoulder. Has significant meaning to me.

Do you know me? I bet you think you do.

 Do you know what makes me laugh and who makes me cry and that more than likely I'll never admit to either?

 Would you like to know the truth about me?

Am I really who everyone says I am? Am I who you think I am?

The truth is I'm bigger than Eiffel tower, finer than all the diamonds in Africa, richer still than all of her oils and natural treasures.

I'm lusher than the jungles of the Amazon, and run longer than the river Nile.

I reach further than the highest peaks of Mt. Fuji and am more refined than the most astute Englishman.

I am deeper than the ocean floor and lighter than a cloud. My love is like no other, if I should choose to give it.

I can be the best of friend’s and the worst of enemies.

I give my respect to no man who does not earn it. My trust is not a gift it is a wage, it must be worked for.

I know what you're thinking, “What makes her think she’s all that?” “Who does she think she is?”

I am a Queen amongst queens,

 I am true royalty,

There is majesty in my words,

Grace in my steps,

And I am not ashamed.

See, you think you know me, because you see what I allow you to see, but I keep the rest, the best part hidden and for myself.

You see I have learned that while it is easier for me to hate me, it feels better to love me.

And while it is quicker to let your judgments affect me, I walk taller when I step over them.

Also that I'm not forced to work and try and accomplish my dreams if I let you dash them down, but it's much too fulfilling to challenge my self and succeed.

So do you know me? Yeah you know me.

I'm the one you can't hold down.

I'm the one who remains a step ahead,

I'm the one who soars above your expectations,

And I am the one you will respect, because I am the one who's learned to value me.


The End

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