Do You, Could You, Would You?

Does one undecided little life really matter to an all-powerful God? Really?

Do I really matter to you?

One little speck in a world of millions.

Do you really care about me?
Even though I'm far from perfect.
Even though I say and think cruel things.
Even though I lie.
Even though I'm just another disappointment
To my friends,
To my family,
To the world.

Do you care I sometimes don't believe?
That I think I'm being stupid claiming to
When I sometimes don't at all?
Or sometimes saying that I don't,
And then worrying you'll be angry.

Do you really think I'm worth it?
All the anger,
All the snide remarks,
All the nasty things that have slipped between my lips,
All the dirty thoughts that hiss in my ear behind people's backs.

Do you really forgive me?
People say you forgive everyone who asks,
Everyone who has faith,
Everyone you love.

Could you forgive me too?

People say you love the world.
That you gave your son to redeem us.
That you would accept anyone who believed.
What about me?
Selfish, flighty, me?
The one who can't make up her mind.
The one who isn't sure you're there.

Would you, possibly,
Love me too?

The End

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