(if it were possible)

i guess

i used to sing. 

not a thin, high, reedy voice, 
but somber and medium and solid. 

i sang for the first five years, 
grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and then i just...

not sure why to this day, 
because i honestly enjoyed it, 
even though it was in choirs and school groups, 
i belonged. 

high alto, used to be a second soprano, 
i was good at it. 

but i don't sing anymore. 
my tone is probably all over the place, 
and it'd take a lot of practice 
to actually be able to pitch correctly again

i don't know why i stopped in the first place, 
but i do know that it was important to me at one point, 
and i'm sorry that i didn't try harder to continue. 

i remember boys from my old classes, 
when they were younger and not as mean, 

i remember girls from my old classes, 
when they were younger and not as jaded, 

but it's too late to look back on that with fondness. 
there was something inherently good 
in the sound reverberations in my throat, 
rising innocent and loud from my lips, 
chords one, two, three

and i could read my sheet music
even before i could name the notes - 
it was instinctual and natural, 
like coming home

but now that's gone
and my friends have no idea
that it was ever part of my personality

so here i go:
i think i'll try again. 

The End

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