Do Not Remember

Recently I read Kasztner's Train, and aside from being an incredible book it inspired this.

We move on

There's no going back

Only forward

Only the forward march


Do not remember

The rights and the things we once had

Do not collapse on the road

Or they'll shoot you


I don't think I can pick you up this time

So keep walking


Forget the open sores

On your bare feet

And the gangrene

Just walk.


Forget the wolf

Who tears your stomach

Into shreds

There is no food


Forget the Russians

Who might rescue us

There is no guarantee

They'll reach us in time

No guarantee

We won't be burned alive

Or shot where we stand

Or buried in the mass graves

We ourselves dug.


Just keep walking

Away from salvation


March towards your death

Or collapse into it

These are your choices.


We march to our deaths

We march through the hell that lies between here and there

We call it living


Please do not give up

You've made it through too much to let go


Try not to remember





We do not have families

Save each other, the ghosts

And the dead who march beside us.


Try not to remember the way

Faces are fading in your mind

Dulled by starvation

Scarred by time.

Just keep walking.


I need to know that you will

No matter what

Please survive

Even if I fall

Even if they shoot me

In the back of the head.

Do not look back for me, the dead.

Always, the forward march.

Just look forward.


 Do not remember

If you can help it

Forget our pain and hardship

Forget yourself, forget me


Just like the rest of the world has forgotten us.

The End

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