DNA Pool (Marco Polo)

Life Cycles


With the utmost sincere

And honorable dishonesty

Let me tell you

Words mean nothing

Actions mean something,

somewhere, somehow



We, the belittled by invisible limits

Set by ourselves, daringly

Disdain devotion and actuality

By Actually dividing visible limitlessness

by tricks in this life learned from those

who learned from those who came before


Why should we pummel our deception

before a jury of our peers

with a voice that speaks sooth?

the truth? or not the truth?

Is that even a question? Rhetorical!


I swear on the grave of God

We are young children grown

Grown in fear

Our tulip heads sway hysterically

Forward this way

Back and to the left

but the bullet came from that way


We sleep in cocoons

made from ancestors blood

trying to find out which one of us I am

perhaps a past life was what it was

when it was who it was where it was then...


Assembled many times from many people

forever since the dawn of time and I'm

a feeble memory

kept alive by DNA-geneticaly survived

and lived through myself many times

and I am me as you are you a thousand times

a thousand lives

a trillion eyes wept and cried

to see these lives to live this one

and now another but what is forgotten?


If nothing matters than what really does?

is it life or death or the life after death?

In that case what is life? WHAT IS DEATH!

It is what we make it because all is in our head

what we see means what it means to we

and so goes the tattle tale of all eternity


Forever imbued with curiosity I shall give up nothing

and never leave my pursuit of truth

and I ask you to do what you feel you must do

to obtain what you think is real

but don't say i never told you

nothing is and nothing can be

and thus relax! No more stress, no more worry

the pangs of life are in every corner

if you see it that way


So i ask you to stay a bit longer

and live a bit farther down the line

so that I can see you another day in another life

as someone else some other time 

The End

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