"Divided We Fall"

Most likely to be used in a song for my reggae rock/pop punk/hip hop project, probably for a rap verse. we shall see. Might end up getting changed here and there to fit flow of instrumental. (Yes I realize the punctuation is probably a mess haha)

And later on we'll conspire,

as we're sitting by the fire.

The fire of the bridges we burned.

Chalk it up to lessons we never learned,

cause lessons taught with words so hollow

leave bitter tastes we'll never swallow.

Just food for thought that we spit out.

No room for wisdom with all this doubt.

Continuing on this road to disaster.

Sometimes puppets need their master.

When we need help to find our way,

can we finally keep our egos at bay?

Maybe then we'll realize,

that maybe we're the real bad guys.

Saying we're fighting to rise above

but really we're fighting the ones we love.

So with this I put my selfish ways to bed

and let peace and unity rest my weary head.

The End

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