To Just Be

On my way back to Changchun @ Beijing railway station having a vanilla latte zoning out on the by passing mass of people, after an 16 hour flight from South Africa.
I'm on a transformation journey, love, life and faith...



Distorted faces

Of crippled young and old

Geisha on heels

Moms feeding babies their meals


Kris-cross  kris-cross

A peaceful chaos

From behind this glass division



Neon colored cops

Moving stairs and flickering lights

A mesmerizing unnatural sight


One people


All I see is the centipede’s shoe


Time for me to step out

Out from behind this dreamy wall

Just enough

For my familiar reality to stall


All I need is His voice

To guide me

Yes , I will make the right choice

Forever He is present

Lost without His gaze

Unable to see past imaginary mountain river haze


Fake palm trees

Elevated between mans bricks

I watch them go……


One people

One people two


Something about it makes me feel blue

These distorted faces

All the same color hue


The presence of the cleaning lady

Brings me back

I feel the warm and hard wood surface

Under arms and bum

My tongue and heart

Mindfully numb


Lord only You know my queue

Patiently and faithfully I know

To follow You

Walk through the woods

And over the sea

Until my purpose

Is to just be……….


The End

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