Depths of Sea

These lands, have I left
Wanting to return
Each place offering its own charm --
Its own quirks and frustrations
Beauty and disadvantages
But none like the call of Home
Who says that "'home'
Is where the heart is"
Must believe in its non-physicality 
Must not have met people
In other places
Who are exactly like those
From a physical house!
A home is made of the relationships
Between people who
Can't stand each other
But whom we cannot be without
Yet not the home
Did I discover that
Life was more like a Hunt.
There are no [straight] lines in nature
Could not hold more true
Of the straight path
Which was merely a circle!
Here I stand
Sinking in muck, an
Anticlimactic scene
...But, I suppose,
At the end of the day
It matters not how far I
Go, but how many
Lives I've touched.
And so the wind doth blow
To where I will go.  

The End

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