Distant Sky

For now this is solo, but if I get requests, perhaps I'll change it to collab...

Many lands have I traversed

Crossed too many seas to look back

Yet here I am

These words I’ve heard them all before

And yet self fulfilling have I made them

That I could go far and wide in search of answers

But really would never have to leave home

My heart knew all along

What my lips refused to utter

What my mind could grasp but not admit

The Impending Doom of a Straight Mind

The path before me is as clear

As my mind is laid straight

The road in both realities are

Ever continuing, unmarred by hate.

Yet weeds grow where flowers should be

Neither is the Sun shining

The warmth I feel, the heat

From the fires of hell, blazing

What nightmare is this

What other options were there

I never strayed from the reality which

Was set before me, never

Could I have imagined -was rather unaware

That just to follow a straight path

Would I thus begin my nightmare

And of fallen angels' incurred wrath

No reality nor dream has as this

The true life that is lived unseen

In spiritual reality layered in mist

That cloaks the Truth entirely.

The End

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