Distant Dream

I remember her

from a dark and distant dream

Over yon precipices

`Neath the pale light - Serene


Her smile so bright

Twas like a glimmering star

Amid the black and dreary void

Though seemingly so far


Scarlet lips

Soft as a petal of rose

And what divine beauty, she

With such unequaled pose


When first we met

My heart melted ever so

And fear would not escape me

My thoughts grew dim and slow


Placing her hand

In the palm of my own

We danced through existence

Into places unknown


Across blank seas

Upon the surface of desire

Our bodies merged together 

Tempered hot like fire


Soon she did depart

Swift as wind she disappeared

My heart sank to lowly depths

As my forlorn eyes teared


And ever to this day

My heart is filled naught

For always will it reflect

Upon memories unforgot

The End

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