I, don't have much to say--

But I don't care,

You need to listen for the rest of the day--

Ask the waiter to come, with that silly flare

That your hands do when you want others to please you,

But now it is my turn to speak,

You say you have to talk, well I have something for you too,

My voice is no longer weak.


You think your so brave,

Smiling with that face,

What you make others crave

Has been lost in our dead space,

Give your hand a big wave,

The rest of the world, with your hand you erase,

Make the waiter, not I, your slave.


Now don't you move from here,

Stay in your seat where you can pretend,

Go on, have a beer,

Don't act with me, you know my patience does not lend

You the chance to be so involved

In your world of hearts you can never mend,

You are nothing, you are dissolved.


The End

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