I trust in you,

When nothing else

is there for us

I have you

and your



The use

of needless

I love you's stick

to me like a glue

that won't ever

come lose.





A walking

diamond scratched

and dead, lost in the

sand of the disgrace

felt in the words of

this simple solitude

of unworthy chaos.


Follow the steps

that were left behind for us,

don't they see there are five

toes instead of one? Or

do they simply count the

whole so as to not

count anything at all?


Disrepair, you entice me,

enlighten me;

you hold me in

this silly twisted grasp

of nothing purer than

what your meaning means,

of where your lies lie.


Disrepair, never leave me,

without you I am nothing.

Grasses would grow

with endless roses bleeding

promises to nobody,

the skies would weep

for you as it did once

for Helen, who so truly

met her fate.


Beauty is sharp,

is destructive,


such a drug,

and disrepair,

your beauty

brings out

the heart of


The End

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