One of my poems.

I shake awake in the night;

Hate burning white through sleeping eyes…

I can’t take away all the pain,

The consuming blame –

Read me, see me: the smiling face of shame…

I can’t paint the picture right…

My colors fade,

Strokes don’t catch the light.

What’s my name?


I exist inside the stampede of the sheep

How am I such an indistinguishable beast?

As it turns out, I’m the same as the rest

My heart still beats right here in my chest;

Just not the same as before, I guess.

In reality – there’s open space;

Gulping up the Human race, insatiably feeding…

Not once disbelieving.


And then there’s me, unsure where or who to be;

Unclear on how to think, can’t find the rest of me.

I’m alive and not living - cut off by constraints

ratcheted tightly round my limbs,

Tucked cleverly away beneath

 Any surface that I am able to see;

Hidden just enough to discourage everything about me.






The End

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