Is chaos the only factor of existence, or does something deeper lie beneath the ruins we see in its wake?

Shattering glass, searing steel

Tortured cries, clashing teeth

Wrathful thunder, peal after peal

Monuments of chaos, hung on a wreath.


Eyes are staring, seeing nothing

Mouths are voicing silent screams.

Torrents are flooding, the wind is gusting

As nightmares come to replace our dreams.


Red rolling fields of anarchy

Gunshots, poignant cries for peace

Some must fight hard just to be

As the chaos doesn't cease.


Clashing will and destiny

It’s Man against the Fates

Blueprints of eternity,

Are etched by powers vast and great.


Discordance rules the world today

But not it and it alone

Order hides in disarray

Until we travel Home.

The End

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