Disassemble Me


Disassemble me --

I am not that hard to put

back together;

I am easily arranged

into whatever guise you will.


Fashion me into that dream girl

you always wanted:

That twinkle-star girl

with the fire in her hair,

in her walk.

The girl with doll-like eyes

to open and close

at your command.


Dream me up --

I promise not to disappoint.


No emotional mood swings

to distract you,

no storms of tears

will ever drown you

in disgust.


I am programmed to please

and attend to your every need.

Comfort and adore you,

protect and watch over you

as you sleep.

I can do all of these things.


And if someday you should find

you are bored of my parts,

you can start all over again:

rearrange my doll limbs

however you like best.

I am changeable

according to your whim.


But if someday you should take out the key

and find you've nothing more

to do with me

I will then be nothing more

than a broken doll

left to nurse her plastic heart.

The End

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