What is it about dirt,
That makes it so special,
So special,
It becomes insignificant?

Dirt holds many secrets,
Conceals the truth,
Perhaps that is the cause, 
Dirt is a liar.

If dirt is a liar,
Are lies necessary for life?
Not all life,
For water fills that role.

Why then are we born a part of the earth,
Earth is another name for dirt,
Even when we die,
We return to dust,
From there we become the dirt.

We become lies,
Because we become lies, 
We are overlooked,
We become insignificant,
Mundane to the bare eye.

Examine us though,
Become surprised,
A beauty contained within us shines through,
We are gems,
Jewels to be treasured,
If you don't mind a bit of dirt.

The End

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