Different shades

I stare at you and you pretend to be unaware

Giving me ample time to observe your fine features.

Wonder if you ever see what I see

Every time you look at your reflection.

Your walk so clean and classy

Your voice so foreign and catchy

Your smile, one that could toss me in to air

Into the air where i feel light like in your arms.

You are like a box of mysteries waiting to be opened

Opened not by anyone but the heir to your empire

An empire that has no room for commoners

Making me wish i had the title deed to your castle

That way I'm assured I'm here to stay.

You are neither black or white

just something along the shades of grey

Even my feeling towards you are different shades.

I am still trying to crack the code

But until then, you are an enticing mystery

So play along I'm enjoying the company

After all you got my full attention

Lets see how long the ride is going to be.

I recall you say who knows what destiny has in store for us

Fate is known for making wonders!

The End

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