People say

Write what you know

What you love

What you feel

In your heart

Some see the sunset

Red in the sky

The beauty of flowers

The world waking up in spring

But I...I see the day dying

The endless black of night.

I see the world take a quiet breath

Then fade to black and white.

Some hear the whispers

Of love in the mornings

The laughter in the rain

Of a sun bright waterfall

But what about the evil

In the silent shadows on the walls

The rapid rush of fear

As you f




                                     through the water

Some see the light

In the lives that they have

The colour of friends

The sounds of joy.

But all I seem to see

Are shades of grey

Mixed with the red

Of being lost and afraid.

People say

Write what you know

But what do you write

When your heart

Doesn't know?

The End

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