Die TodayMature

People always say suicide is the cowards way out. That suicide is wrong...

But what if life just totally fucking hates you? 

What if everyone you ever learned to love and trust turns their back upon you? 

What if nobody sees or hears you anymore?

What if you are slowly asphyxiating, sinking towards the bottom of the never ending ocean? When everybody around you are happily playing on the surface of the sea. 

What would you do? I always thought that Die is better than to suffer. and therefore i choose to die today.

What if i want to fly high like a bird? I wanna be free. Free from this worlds problems and worries. Free from The deaf ears and blind eyes. I wanna walk into the ocean and just disappear. 

What if there is no heaven or hell? What if you just fall asleep and then never wake up again? 

What i can't sleep at night? and when I can't sleep I can't Dream. And whats life without dreams? Nothing. Life is nothing without hope and desire.

The End

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