Didn't intend to....but I did

I didn’t ask to love you.

I had no intentions of it.

It just happened.

Slowly, without knowing, I eased to the edge before I fell.

Not just for your looks or your money or even how good in bed you are.

I fell for the kindness.

The tenderness. The sweetness.

I fell for the fact that being around you made me feel complete and happy.

I fell for the fact that you made me feel beautiful and sexy.

I fell for the fact that I was safe with you and that I could trust you.

I fell for the fact that being in your arms felt like home.

I fell for every laugh and every smile.

And sadly enough, I fell for the lies.

I fell for the “I love you” s and every time you called me beautiful or baby.

Even without that, I still fell for you.

Just you….

The End

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