Did I Really Make it? Did You?

A tough time I went through, I then ask that anybody who has went through the same thing, to not give up because life only gets better.

I will tell you about a time I was down, saddened, and ripped apart

Like a lonely paper shredded down the sidewalk thats how I felt, alone

Alone like that empty shopping cart in that Wal Mart parking lot.

So alone that the seemingly slender slice straight across the wrist made me someone

Someone who knelt and would give all he had to feel something so lovely.

I don't love you is what I heard, my qualities were a gift my family said  

But I found them to be nothing but a tragedy.

I cried every night in silence.

The dreaded rejections I had because "I was too shy"

I thought of death as my dad because I thought it welcomed me,

They didn't want me. I saw that cord from my tv and felt it would save my soul.

The marks on my arms said "You are imperfect and inferior to the so called superior

The superiors I see sit with their hands clasped and their smiles etched in their faces,

Mocking me and whispering in a deathly fashion, you are amongst the disgraces.

I pushed it. I loved whomever didn't love back

I pushed away my dreams like a mobile wall that never pushed back

Never looked at my life as a treasure back then.

But since then I have healed

Look at my skin and amazed how beautiful it might be 

because it is a symbol of my life. The burden I no longer carry

I picked myself up from the depths of hell I felt myself spiralling 

No longer saddened but the thing is I wish for the fact that people understand

Not the quantity but the quality of the events you withstand

That is what defines a brave man. 

The road I followed was not only a lonely road but a test put into my hand

I failed my test but it was a matter of whether I got back up in the end.

That level plain looks straight from a distance but as you walk across it it spans 

A wide range of uncharted land.

The question you need to ask yourself

what I am asking you, is what will it take

for you to muscle up the courage to take that first step,

cross those seemingly impossible boundaries

Forget the street cred and the rep

Ignore other body inquiries

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask,

have you made it yet?




The End

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