Did he ?

Well we might perhaps never know.

Did Jesus a cold ever get?
Did his ear with pain ever ache?
Did the dry air give him allergies?
with a fever all night did he quake?

Was he ever a petulant child?
or perhaps in his teens rebel?
admonished for being so mischievous
or in all activities did he excel?

Was he in his youth undecided?
Was his future already pre-ordained?
Did he stumble into manhood quietly
knowing one day he would be slain?

Did he harbor a childhood crush?
and other youthful pursuits engage?
Did he ever other vocations try?
Did he have any friends his own age?

Did he know his death eventually
would spawn such an industry?
While it would bring hope to others
and forever change destinies

When Gods in human forms inhabit
Don't they inherit our qualities?
Perhaps tis price they have to pay
to walk so humbly amongst humanity

The End

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