A WorldMature

I have imagined many worlds
swirled around words
many planets
inspired by tales
but never one
quite as magnificent
as yours.
You are
a genre of your own,
entirely mapped
by music
and a voice
of silence.
are a world
I did not think
you are a tale
no one could ever begin to write
you are the eyes
into a new era,
you are the music
of endless generations
you speak
in a language
many scoff at,
that thousands could understand
that has people
raising their voices
you speak
to be heard
are a world
I did not know
could be found
a world
I am lucky
to be a part of.
A world
I have fallen in love with
from the tip toes,
You are
grey eyes
an unforgettable smile
an infectious laugh
a person
I could not be happier
to be in love with.
You are
a world
I was incredibly lucky
to discover.

The End

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