When it Comes to LoveMature

I have thought
and spoke
and written
and felt
so many things
when it comes to love.
When it comes to love
I used to think
I would get swept off my feet,
carried off into a sunset,
and kissed as if the world were not going to end,
and we did, in fact,
have forever.
This is not what happened.
it was a head of blonde hair,
who towered over me,
more so
than everyone else.
It was a voice
that spoke
as if it didn't have to stop.
I was not swept off my feet
in the traditional sense,
but instead
It was sitting next to him
thinking of how badly
I wanted to hold his hand,
and pretending that was not at all
my original intention
when I grabbed it
reenacting the bit of the movie
and then not letting go.
It was leaning on his shoulder,
with his head against mine
thinking "Is this what friends do?"
Is this a friend thing?
No, friends don't do this..
Friends totally do this
It was putting my hand
in the middle of the seat
driving him home
hoping he would see it
and link his fingers with mine.
It was falling off of my seat,
driving away
and reading
"So it's pretty clear,
I have feelings for you
and I think you do, too."
I said yes.
It was turning down the sidewalk
and stopping because
his lips were against mine.
It was walking on the bridge
no matter how worn it was
or how dangerous,
he caught me
before I fell.
It was that day
down the bridge,
and then undereath it
when I turned
and I knew
that I was in love.
When it comes to love
it is realizing
how empty it is
because he is not stretched out on it,
and how cold it really is.
It is looking at him
wondering how the hell I got this lucky,
and god, he is beautiful.
It is listening to him talk and sing,
as if he doesn't have to stop;
and then stopping and blushing
because I'm listening.
It is grasping his fingers in mine
and holding tight
because I don't have to let go.
When it comes to love
I was wrong.
I did not get what I was taught to expect;
I got something much, much better.
When it comes to love
I have been swept off my feet
and carried into a world
made for the two of us.

The End

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