I amMature

you do not get to decide
who I am
based on how I act.
I am not a word to be thrown around,
I am not what's at the end of a pointing finger
or petrified stare.
What I am
is the music in my lungs,
the lyrics in my throat,
the instruments at my fingertips-
I am everything
you are too ashamed to say
I am
what you have been sick of
since it made an appearance.
The colour in people's hair
the "I don't give a fuck" attitude;
I am the middle fingers
stuck up in the air
chanting to my words.
Kids follow in my steps,
they listen to my words
I listen when they speak.
I am the voices,
too scared to shout.
I am everything
you tried to take away.
the thing about music?
You can't end that.
You can't take it away.
We are the fire,
blazing through the world.
We are the air you breathe.
You can't stop voices
that are already canons and fireworks.
We are the sound of guns going off
You can't quiet us
you can't shut us down
You do not get to decide
who we are
based on how we act.

The End

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