Just thatMature

the space
in my head
was just that:
that I had no idea
until something was filling it up.
my heart
was just an organ,
just the thing
beating in my chest
Until I realized
my metaphorical
emotional heart
was no longer there.
my skin
was just that
over my bones
until something
had touched it,
had brought it to life
and filled it with colour.
my lips
were just those
just a mouth
that opened and closed
letting noise and oxygen escape.
these things
were just that.
Until you came along.
the space
in my head
that was now occupied
by you.
my heart,
the metaphorical
emotional one
now in your hands.
my skin
now a volcano,
a hot spot
that your fingers and hands
set aflame,
doused in red.
my lips
were space,
aching and empty,
until you kissed them;
an explosion
of stars
and planets
that I did not know existed.
these things
were just that
they were things
that I did not think about
until you came along.

The End

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