is the word
in my head
when I see you
early in the morning
walking my way
"Pretend you didn't see him"
I think
as you draw ever closer,
and I stand up
waiting to turn
And see you there,
drawing me in.
Maybe it was because I was tired
though I doubt it is so
but the word "beautiful"
sticks in my head
as if that is the right word
I get it
I can never find the right word
so I stick to the ones I know
as if in some way
they'll ever come close
But you are.
Every morning,
with those bleary pale blue eyes
and a crooked smile
tucking me close to you.
Maybe it was waking up,
with you sleepily trying to get out of bed,
to cross my floor
over and over again.
Every morning,
waiting for you to turn that corner,
and head my way.
is in my head
because I still,
cannot believe
how in love I am
with you,
and how in love you are
with me.

The End

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