These ThingsMature

I have sat here
for hours,
listening to things
that make my head spin
that make my heart stop
that make the world seem..
maybe not so empty.
all these things that I listen to
they make me feel things
almost similar to things
that you make me feel
I have sat here
listening to things
that cause me to think
and realize
that I love you.
These things
make me feel this realization
as if it is the very first time,
the first time I am looking at you
laying next to me
with those pale blue eyes
and wanting to say
That I am in love with you,
but never making a sound.
Instead I write these things
in hopes they get my thoughts across.
Even if sometimes these little things aren't enough,
even if these things are small,
I hope that you like them,
that you treat them as if
they are precious budding flowers
the iris of Van Gogh's eyes,
the sounds in Mozart's head,
the keys at Bach's fingertips,
the strings vibrating at Deryck's touch,
the mic in Matt's hands,
the guitar against your hip.
I have sat here
listening to things
for hours on end
just trying to comprehend
every feeling in my veins
spreading through my bones
blooming in my chest
as if somehow
I will find the words
that will bring me to you,
clasping you to me until my lips have burst,
spilling the words I ache to write
in the perfect way.
I have sat here
listening to things
as if they are every word-
but they are,
every word
swerving in my head
like the best chef's soup,
the artist's collage,
the musicians composition.
I listen to these things,
because they let me begin to try and tell you
that I am in love with you.
I have been in love with you,
for a long time.
From the tails of my dress
to the stars on your tie.
I listen to these things
because they made me realize
that I'm so, so in love with you.

The End

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