we live in a tasteless society
bent up on rules and regulations
"Can't do this"
"Can't do that"
harder on girls
sorry my tank top lets me cool off
sorry my "no" wasn't enough
both of those make it her fault
and the boys
that don't get a voice
cause they don't matter, right?
neither does anyone
not straight,
you're wrong.
Don't fucking tell me
it's the victims fault
if it were your kid
you'd kick and scream
with murder in your veins.
Don't fucking tell me
it's their fault
they were drunk
lets talk about this
since we're all fired up;
what about the fear
in her bones
cause she's not ready for this kid
are you going to tell me
She made her choices
she deserves what she gets?
"You had unprotected sex"
"It's God's gift"
I'll tell ya high & mighty
and sweet as sugar
that you can fuck yourself
So yeah I'm getting nasty
while you bawl and say
"That's offensive!"
maybe even "Cis-scum"
while you can't respect religion
or pigment
or gender
or sexuality
hardwired into everyone's systems
to hate what's different
and hate what they don't like
if you don't conform
or march along,
if you don't let them break you,
they mark you
they label you
cause they think,
that that'll make you listen,
fall to your knees,
& beg them please.
As if
or a lecture
or yelling
Will change your mind
change who you are
this is about
how little acceptance there is
for something supposed to be normal
for something like;
a girl
that would feel more comfortable
that would feel safer
as the opposite gender
until this.
We're all singing about suicide
and the blood outside our wrists.
Whose fault is it?
Is it the kid wandering the streets
Cause his family is bigoted?
Is it the kid that freezes in place
cause someone grazed his skin?
Who else can you find to blame
that isn't the one that did this to them?
How many more excuses will you make,
just dying to protect their precious sports career
or their social standing
because the destruction of these things
are so much more important
than the kid who would rather be dead.
If it were you
If it were your kid
you would care a hell of a lot more.
I've gone too far in,
to remember that you probably think
"Another rape poem"
"Another gender-sided poem"
"Another harassment/abuse poem"
It would be a lot easier
if we stopped having reasons to write these.
But all anyone wants to do
is control how people are
Control who they are.
You are damned if you don't comply,
It's better for them
if you're a straight, caucasian male.
the congress.
If you dare be born a girl,
you might as well kill yourself when you're fifteen
when they tell you what a whore you are
because you traded jeans for shorts
and sleeves for straps;
when they tell you
you should have enjoyed the attention
it wasn't likely there would be another chance you'd receive it
because you trusted a boy who couldn't accept "no".
And if you dare be born a boy
they will turn the fuck around;
and come to your rescue.
Until you're just like the girls.
"What a champ! Of course he liked it!"
When really,
you just wish they'd shut the hell up.
If you are a girl,
calling them out on their shit,
they will automatically blame it
on the blood that could be lining your thighs
"Ah, don't listen to her, it's her bitch session of the month."
Excuse after excuse
If you are a boy
calling them out on their shit;
they'll say you'll understand in a few years
they'll say you'll agree.
"Come on, they can't handle themselves!"
And you fall in line.
Step, step, step
Sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia,
everywhere you go,
no matter who you are
they will pin these on you.
They'll tear your skin and pour themselves into you
like I said.
we live in a tasteless society
bent up on rules and regulations.

The End

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