I woke upMature

I woke up
of all the good
I could possibly feel
all because
you were there
in my dream
you had drawn me tight
and you kept me close
and I felt
your lips against mine
as real as ever
as warm as always
with the stars singing above us
I woke up
of the warmth
in my heart
welling in my chest
and filling my soul
because your fingers
were locked with mine
with the marks of your lips
across my shoulders
and the marks of mine
across yours
I woke up
so fucking empty
and aching
because I had all these things
hours ago
but I did not have them
I woke up
to an empty bed
despite the fact
the spot next to me
Wasn't empty
in my dream.
It was full,
your stupid body
filling it up
singing about
all the things you loved,
with your eyes
on me.
I woke up
with the reality
that you were not wth me
at all.
You were
in your own bed
with your own dreams
and your own songs.
I woke up
and alone
because dreams
are always better
than the nighttime.
I woke up,
as I always did,
without you.

The End

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